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This Casual Silk Tie Dye Shirt is one unique T-shirt with a general appeal. It is suitable for almost every woman ranging from the modern free spirited woman to the fashion enthusiast. The casual silk tie dye shirt is tailored with utmost consideration for a lot of detail to suite the womanly desires in a sleek shirt, unlike most casual outfits.

Idayi yombhoyi is neatly done as the shirt comes in two shades of gray, which are perfectly blended. A solid deep gray with lighter shades on the arms and belly area of the shirt. It has stylish batwing three quarter sleeves and o-neck collar. The styling of the sleeves and collar give this shirt a vintage touch.

The durable silk material is a plus, making it conducive for summer, spring and autumn weathers. It is perfect for ladies of any ubungakanani and is also complementary on any skin tone. It is suitable for any casual outing.



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